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Our team of faculty members, researchers, and graduate students is committed to pursuing research excellence and tackling complex challenges facing businesses and organizations today. The most influential research is collaborative and interdisciplinary, and we encourage cross-disciplinary projects that draw on the strengths of our diverse team.

We are committed to translating research findings into actionable insights and practical applications. We work closely with businesses and organizations to identify their most pressing challenges and develop solutions that address their unique needs. Our research has been instrumental in shaping best practices in different areas, and we constantly seek new ways to push the boundaries of knowledge and drive innovation.

What we brings?

We are dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding in various disciplines at Windsor University through rigorous research, innovative approaches, and practical applications. Our applied research brings together experts in business administration, computer science, project management, human resources management, financial management, and other related fields to collaborate on cutting-edge research projects that have real-world impact.