Research Department

Executive Leadership

Dedicated to delivering high-standard programs and support to applied research in leadership development, innovative training, and consulting.

Business Innovation

Business Innovation

Support social entrepreneurs in US and international ,Act as a bridge between investors and innovators to support new startups in technology that enable sustainable development in light of UN 2030 SDG



How can science be positioned to contribute to a healthy, happy planet and sustainable outcomes? Promoting sustainable development: Using less electrical energy and natural resources in production and operations while reducing waste and pollution.


About Our Research Center

Applied research is focused, practical and pragmatic research on a specific and real-life problem that aims at finding answers and designing solutions for the identified problem. Applied research is an integral part of Windsor University’s landscape and an essential component of our programming.

Sparked by our vision to become an education leading institute in an ever-shifting knowledge-based economy, and in response to the increasing demand on talent and global competitiveness, Windsor University started a strategic initiative in October 2021 to establish several applied research centers.

Applied Research Initiative Mission Statement

The goal of the research centers established by Windsor University is to enable the interaction between faculty, scholars, students, and industry to enhance research opportunities, academic excellence, real-world problem solving, and knowledge creation and dissemination.

Applied Research Initiative Goals

Through our applied research centers, Windsor University aims at:

  • Having access to major agencies and enhancing extramural funding.
  • Supporting cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research, publication, other research outputs, and student training.
  • Acting as a facilitator of innovation and developing innovative products, processes, solutions, and services.
  • Fostering research on complex, interdisciplinary topics and issues.
  • Attracting exceptional faculty and graduate students and partnering with educational, governmental, public, and private agencies.
  • Spawning thought leadership by addressing relevant and current field-specific problems.
  • Working closely with different communities to identify the challenges they face and exploring novel insights to solve them.
  • Playing an active role in executive education by organizing academic/practitioner conferences and seminars, high-level and up-to-date training programs, and workshops where professionals can learn best practices and apply these concepts in their organizations.

Offering executive certificates for research scholars, managers, and practitioners/ professionals.

Programs and Services

  • Advancing post-graduate research opportunities for masters and doctoral students
  • Offering certificate programs and diplomas in various fields
  • Organizing fast-paced and highly interactive executive education programs
  • Awarding scholarships and grants to attract high-profile students and researchers
  • Performing specialized, limited-scale, observational/qualitative studies and research to help businesses and organizations improve their processes and outcomes

Providing consulting services in different disciplines to businesses and organizations